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Sam Edelman shoes for women

Sam Edelman Shoes for Women – Top Notch Quality

Sam Edelman Shoes – Affordable Quality Women’s Shoes

Sam Edelman over the span of 30years has seen it all. He has been to the mountain top and the valley, through ups and down in the shoe business. He has tasted success at the highest level and has been miserably bankrupt. Sold processions to fund a business, failed at it and sold back at a loss. But he is a fighter; every time failure comes knocking he has always found the fight within to keep moving on. This personal drive of his has been the driving force behind the Sam Edelman shoes for women.

 He was inspired by his father, Arthur, who owned a tanning company for exotic leather which later folded up after the decline in popularity of exotic leather in the 70’s. Sam lost hope, started another business of buying and selling horses.  His first real success came as it started selling horseshoes which later became Ralph Lauren’s first shoe license.

For some reason, Sam Edelman lost his factory and went out of business. A Chain of actions led him to call Kenny and they both started Kenneth Cole Productions. The Kenneth Cole Production story is one with drive, motivation and a relentless desire to succeed from humble beginning. A brand that started off the back of a truck parked close to the New York Hilton hotel just in a bid to advertise the collections is truly touching. Kenny was in charge of Creativity while Sam oversaw licensing, legal documentations and sales.

However, Edelman left Kenneth Cole production because he felt the company saw too small for both of them. What a wise decision it was. He later joined Esprit, working there for a while till he was able to convince his wife to sell off their house to start a new personal shoe line. Their first hit was the rounded-toe ballerina with bows that took the country by surprise.

In 2001 Sam got thrown from horse that crippled him for nine months. Lying on his bed he realized making shoes was still his passion as he flipped though magazines after magazines seeing pictures of moderate dress on $800 shoes. The affordable Sam Edelman women shoe was born. Today, Sam Edelman is a division of Caleres, but the original founders are still around and run the business like it’s theirs.

Company Details

Current City: New York, USA

Founder:In 2010, Brown Shoe announced its acquisition of Edelman Shoe, Inc.

Subsidiary of: The brands handbag and outerwear lines launched in 2011 and the Sam Edelman flagship store opened on Spring Street in the heart of Sohos shopping district Fall of 2012.


3 Highly Rated Sam Edelman Pumps for Women

1. Sam Edelman Women's Nora Dress Pump

Sam Edelman Women's Nora Dress PumpPrice = $59.95 – $124.99

2. Sam Edelman Women's Okala Dress Pump

 Sam Edelman Women's Okala Dress PumpPrice = $49.99 – $120.00

3. Sam Edelman Women's Dayna Dress Pump

Sam Edelman Women's Dayna Dress PumpPrice = $64.99 – $146.62

5 must Haves Sam Edelman Sandals for women

1. Sam Edelman Women's Yardley Dress Sandal

Sam Edelman Women's Yardley Dress SandalPrice = $60.77 – $155.24

2. Sam Edelman Women's Gemma Sandal

Sam Edelman Women's Gemma SandalPrice = $43.99 – $104.95 

3. Sam Edelman Women's Eavan Gladiator Sandals

Sam Edelman Women's Eavan Gladiator SandalsPrice = $59.99 – $124.99

3 Flat Sam Edelman Shoes to Consider

1. Sam Edelman Women's Felicia Ballet Flat

Sam Edelman Women's Felicia Ballet FlatPrice = $49.95 – $500.00

2. Sam Edelman Women's Fallon Ballet Flat

Sam Edelman Women's Fallon Ballet FlatPrice = $46.19 – $100.00

3. Sam Edelman Women's Avalon Slipper

Sam Edelman Women's Avalon SlipperPrice = $139.99 


3 Beautiful Ankle Length Boots by Sam Edelman

1. Sam Edelman Women's Louie Boot

Sam Edelman Women's Louie BootPrice = $74.00 – $179.40

2. Sam Edelman Women's Benjie Ankle Bootie

Sam Edelman Women's Benjie Ankle BootiePrice = $33.32 – $202.68 

3. Sam Edelman Women's Arizona Boot

Sam Edelman Women's Arizona BootPrice = $54.97 – $240.88


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