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animal print leggings
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Animal Printed leggings – In Trend Now

Animal printed leggings – What to wear and how to pull it off

Our focus on this article is on animal printed leggings, how to buy them and tips on wearing them rightly. Animal skin fabrics are in style today, thanks to its history dating back to centuries ago. Killing animals and using their skin were a norm way back and it helped to protect the body from the elements.  Soon enough animal skin clothes changed from a necessity to a luxury item that ensured people around the world expressed their personality in a variety of ways. Gradually cotton fabrics, polyester, and other synthetic derivatives soon found their way into modern day society. A time came when only the rich utilized rich animal skins as dress attires, expensive genuine rabbit fur, fox hair and rich textured leopard skin formed most winter attires.

animal theme leggings

Not only has animal skin found its way into dress attires, they have also been used in accessories like belts and handbags. As a statement of flamboyancy and wealth, manufacturers around the world have keyed into this trend, crafting styles that are not only comfortable but eye catching.

Animal skin designs soon found their way into fashion clothes and attires. They have since become extremely popular especially to those who are not comfortable with the idea of killing animals for clothes. You can, however, get that royal look of class today without the burden of paying heavily for genuine fur materials. Some of the animal printed design has been an instant hit the moment they hit the market, one such designs in vogue are the leopard or cheetah themed animal printed leggings. Animal prints have found their way from shirts and skirts to leggings, shoes, purses, gloves and a whole lot of items. There is no short stock of animal printed legging design in the market, you will definitely find one you like.

How to Wear animal printed leggings?

Animal printed leggings are quite tricky to pull off with the appropriate wear and accessory. But if you are fashion savvy this should be a breeze. They are very different from plain leggings and other printed artistic designs. So themed colored tops and accessories to match need to be picked with care. First thing first, you have to be comfortable wearing animal prints. If not I suggest you take the plain print route, then you have to find tops to match. Keeping the fashion police of your yard is the goal here. Don’t wear animal prints just because you saw someone else pull it off. Imitation is limitation. Find your style and rock it with confidence.

Tips to wearing animal printed leggings

Neutralizing Tops – The way to go

Animal prints themselves are very bold designs combining a lot of colors and patterns. It would be very wrong to combine with animal print, tops that make the dress attire a little over the top. Instead be minimalistic in your choice of tops. Try to neutralize the very vocal animal prints with simple plain colored tops preferably green, white, blue or other darker shades. Skin color can also inform your choice of colors, darker shade tops for light skin tone while lighter shade tops for darker skin tones.

Go mild with tops to compliment bright animal prints

Go mild on the choice of tops and accessories if you find that the animal prints are too bright or glossy. Some animal prints require mild tops to really tick while others might need a more daring top to pull off. For prints that are too bright, go mild with a lighter top and an ankle length boot.

Tank tops, Long top wear with leggings

Long tees are very fashionable with animal printed leggings especially if you aren’t too comfortable with showing off your butt. Tank tops, long-tee that extend below the waist region will work well to hide your back features when the occasion demands it.

Tight fit leggings as against loose fit leggings

Loose animal printed leggings are a fashion disaster. It is always a bad idea to go for a plus size when you wear a medium size. Loose fitting leggings look silly and appear out of place. Stay away from leggings if you aren’t comfortable with the tight fit they offer. The body hugging nature is sure going to make you look stodgier and magnify your curves. One extra tip: that you can wear leggings doesn’t mean you should.

Choose the right boots

Ankle length boots and knee length boots when paired rightly, go well with animal printed leggings. As a rule knee length boots paired with animal printed leggings work well with short tops/ mini dress. Ankle length boots will look good on long tee shirts and tank tops

 Accessories to spice things up

Wear pieces of jewelry that aren’t too heavy or sparkly. For example, a silver or gold colored bracelet works wonders with leopard themed leggings. Handbags and clutches should be simple and not too stylish. The trick is to draw attention away from your other clothing and accessories to the printed leggings. Black white, beige or brown shoes and belts are nice color combinations with animal print leggings.

In Conclusion

Remember!! Be confident

Animal prints are inherently bold; it demands that you be bold enough to pull it off. Just me, people notice. Just remember to stay confident in yourself, no unnecessary accessories and remember to tone down the tops to ensure there is a seamless blend.

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